Dancing with Hannah

Hannah comes from a long line of folk musicians and dancers, and has been dancing her entire life.  Her specialty is American Oldtime Squares- dances from Appalachia.   This includes teaching square dances, and children's singing games, as well as clogging from that region.

Hannah began teaching folk dancing roughly 10 years ago, starting with Ontario Step Dancing, then ceilidgh dances, contra dance, family dances, and squares.  She has called for dances across Eastern Ontario, Quebec and the USA.   

Hannah calls dances for experienced dancers, novices, children and adults (-but her secret favourite is beginners...shhhh!) Church groups, community halls, weddings, company parties and school groups are perfect for a dance! If you can walk you can dance.  Please contact her if you want to give it a try.  Hannah is also part of a team of folks organizing a monthly oldtime square dance called the Hogtown Hoedown in Toronto's West End.  Come and check it out!

What is a caller? 
Contra dances, like square dances, are done with the help of a "caller".  That's where Hannah comes in.  The caller teaches each dance before it begins in what's known as a 'walk through'.  Once the dancers have done the walk through, the caller will strike up the band, and she/he will continue to prompt the dance until it looks like everyone is flowing along on their own.  A caller is also the person who thinks up what dances would be fun for a particular group- they plan the evening, talk to the band, and make sure everyone is happy, in general.

Postponed due to Covid- Stay tuned!

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