Music & Dance for Children

Hannah has been leading classes, workshops and concerts for babies and children of all ages for over a decade; she draws her repertoire from folk music and dance traditions in english and in french. A multi-instrumentalist, Hannah plays clawhammer banjo, oldtime fiddle, ukulele and guitar. She is a member of Mariposa in the Schools, an organization dedicated to bringing high quality music to the school children of Ontario, and she works for Le Petit Atelier, Toronto's only french children's music organization for daycares and after school programs.

Hannah's first CD, “Savez-vous plantez des choux?” was distributed to more than 10,000 babies across Ontario as part of the Early Years Literacy Kit. “Here We Go Zodeo”, a CD recorded with Kathy Reid-Naiman, was been awarded a 2012 Parents' Choice Gold Award, was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award, and a SiriusXM Indie Award


Hannah offers concerts for babies, preschool and school age children. Here are a few of the most popular themes.
Concert length is approximately 50 minutes. (or 2 - 30 minute sessions)

Fantastic Imaginations -A bilingual concert
Join in as we tap our imaginations through songs, fingerplays, rhymes and musical games. We’ll take an imaginary trip on a Golden Boat, or a rocket ship. We might meet Jack the Limberjack, or Dirty Bill from Vinegar Hill. Cows might be blue and pigs might be green and you just never know who you’ll see in the imaginary classroom!

Tickles and Tunes-
Songs, fingerplays, tickles and tunes, to delight and entertain even the smallest child. We will reach for the stars, zoom to the moon and hop like bunnies. We will play musical ‘freeze tag’ to a catchy fiddle tune. We will identify the colours of our clothes, tell a story with our hands and sing a few of our favourite songs.

Singing Dances -
Hannah fosters group cooperation and physical coordination with students and their teachers through traditional rhythms, songs and dances.

Community Dance -If you can walk, you can dance.”
These dances are simple and fun where grown ups and little ones all dance together in circles, lines and squares. Hannah will teach all the dances to the group, and then strike up the band and continue to guide the dancers along in time with traditional tunes!

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